Lezioni di Europa: Incontro conclusivo al Liceo “Percoto” di Udine

| 4 maggio 2018

Giovedì 26 aprile si è concluso il ciclo di interventi sull’Unione Europea tenuto nelle classi nel LES del Liceo Percoto di Udine. Come momento finale, i ragazzi della classe 4Ae hanno organizzato un dibattito in cui due fronti (uno a favore ed uno contro) si sono confrontati sull’opportunità o meno dell’ingresso della Turchia in UE. Di seguito proponiamo alcuni interventi degli studenti. Desideriamo fare un ringraziamento particolare alla Professoressa Locurto per la collaborazione di queste settimane, nonché alla Preside ed alla Vice Preside per l’accoglienza nel loro Istituto.



Young students debate about European Union issue

Today in the Aula Magna of the Liceo Percoto six students of the 4AE did a debate whose

assertion was: “Turkey should become a member of the European Union”.

The Pro team was composed by Giorgio, Gaia and Sebastiano, instead the Con team was formed by Luca, Filippo and Eleonora. They have been judged by Nicol, Amedeo and Ms Stefania Marchetti.

Each team presented different arguments to support its thesis, even if those of the “con” team were more convincing, in fact they brought different reasons like: Turkey is a very poor State and to enter in the EU you must have a solid economy, human rights are not wholly respected, it is a Muslim State and the EU is based on Catholic foundations.

On the other hand the “pro” team said that it could represent a bridge between Europe and Asia, that its culture is also European, so it should become a EU member state and that its economical, political and moral problems could be solved thanks to the European Union.

Before the announcement of the winners the journalists asked very interesting questions about the main point of the debate, also referring to the motto of the EU: “United in diversity”; after this the judges declared that the Con team won the debate.

Sara Molinari 4^AE



A debate at Liceo Percoto

On April  26th in Udine at Caterina Percoto high school it took place a debate about the following assertion: “Turkey should become a member of the European Union”. There were three speakers Sebastiano Anziutti, Gaia Feruglio and Giorgio Parisi that were in the pro team and Filippo Bredeon, Eleonora Lipari and Luca Venudo that were members of the con team. There were also three judges Amedeo Serafini, Nicol Vergale and the expert fron “Casa Per l’Europa of Gemona” Ms  Stefania Marchetti, the other students played the part of journalists and the audience was formed by some students from 2Ae.

The pro team was in favour of Turkey in the European Union, in fact the speakers said the reasons why Turkey could be a member, but they weren’t much persuasive. On the contrary the con team were more persuasive with the reasons that they said. The winner of the debate was the con team because they expressed and supported better what they thought about this topic.

It was an interesting chance to practice the debate which is always useful because it shows different opinions and sometimes the speakers have to support an idea that they do not  approve of, finally it teaches how to reply, rebut and support different ideas in the correct way.

Sara Sbuelz 4^AE



Turkey in or out? 

On 26 April 2018 in the main hall of “Caterina Percoto” Institute in Udine from 12:00 to 12:53 there was a debate about the entry of Turkey into the European Union between the classmates of the 4 ^ AE.

Divided into two groups of three people, the students brought, as a result of a previous preparation, arguments in support of their theses regarding being in favour of the entry of Turkey or not.

The presenter illustrated the ways in which the debate would take place, presenting the two teams, the theme, the jury and the student in charge of keeping time for each intervention (with a maximum of three minutes for each speaker), as well as the rules.

The debate consists in the alternation of the speakers of each team who, through arguments, support their thesis. They are timed by a jury who will score points and announce the winner. The members of the pro team were: Parisi Giorgio, Feruglio Gaia and Anziutti Sebastiano, while Venudo Luca, Bredeon Filippo and Lipari Eleonora were members of the con team.

At the end, the journalists were able to ask some questions to the two different groups.

Finally, the jury declared the con team to be the winner, highlighting the pros and cons of the various participants.

Elena Govetto 4^AE



Turkey in the European Union: is it a problem?

On April 26th, the class 4AE of the school “Caterina Percoto” (Udine) is in the great hall, to do the debate from 12.00 to 13.00. This is a new way to learn, because students have to search for some news and information about a topic and than they discuss with the others, based on what they found. English students study debate at school, but now this teaching methodology is spreading in all Europe, with great results.

The topic of the debate is: Turkey part of the EU, yes or no?

The class is divided in two groups. One group is called “the pro team”, so it supports the idea of Turkey in the EU. Giorgio Parisi (first speaker), Gaia Feruglio (second speaker) and Sebastiano Anziutti (third speaker) are part of this group.

On the other side there are Luca Venudo (first speaker), Filippo Bredeon (second speaker) and Eleonora Lipari (third speaker); they are part of “the con team”, so they support the idea of not allowing Turkey to enter in the EU.

There is also a jury and it is composed by Amedeo Serafini, Nicol Vergale and Ms Stefania Marchetti, an expert on European issues. They have to decree the winners at the end of the debate.

Let’s start: Davide Bassi Mangilli introduces the topic and the rules for the audience and immediately after the first speaker of the pro team starts talking. All the speakers explain their arguments in support of their thesis. The pro team speaks about “a bridge between Europe and Istanbul” in order to create a fruitful dialogue with the Islamic world and they introduce the economic question,  saying that the Turkish economy is thriving.

The con team instead explain that “Turkey’s cultural traditions are fundamentally different from those of Christian Europe” and they speak about the economic problem too, emphasizing that Turkeyʼs impressive growth rate is flagging, and the country remains an underdeveloped economy.

Then, Davide introduces the final speech, so both of the teams summarize their positions.

After that, the judges confront their scores to decide the winners. Journalists ask some questions to the debaters, in order to understand better some points of the discussion.

At the end, the judges explain the positive and negative points of all groups and proclaim the winner: the con team.

Chiara Patriarca

Classe 4^AE



Should Turkey join the European Union? 

Today the 26 of April some students of Liceo Percoto take part to a debate about: “should the Turkey enjoyed the European Union?”

The two teams brought a lot of arguments pro and against the enter of the Turkey in the EU. The main arguments that the pro team brought was that Turkey is already part of it, geography speaking and since it is near to Asia it can act as a bridge between the two continents and also the economic system is not so bad than other country.

The against team said that adding the Turkey will be a big problem because they are a Muslim state so there will be a lot of problems. Other arguments that they brought are that Turkey didn’t respect the basic human rights like equality and freedom of press. Furthermore the country isn’t a democracy but a dictatorship and that’s against the fundamental principles of Europe.

Maybe what we have to focus isn’t the problem of the religion because every one can believe or not believe in religious and the choice of the entrance of the Turkey in EU should not be based on religion even that the most of people believe in an another religion compared to other state. Perhaps the principal problem of the Turkey is that it doesn’t respect some main human rights, this is the big problem because all the state must guarantee it.

So maybe, why not? When Turkey will be able to guarantee all the human right, it will enter in EU.

Ilaria Cereghini

Classe 4^AE

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