Lezioni di Europa all’Istituto “Percoto” di Udine: nuovi contributi!

| 16 marzo 2018

2Be Paragraphs written at the end of the lesson on the EU by the expert of Casa per l’Europa

My Ideal Europe

My ideal Europe should guarantee good health and good education systems, an economic and political stability for all. Everyone should have both right and responsibility to contribute to their society. People need to feel included in this society. My ideal EU would be one where sovereign countries work together on global issues such as those that affect us all. I would like an Europe where there is a real common market, where you can import and export freely to each other without taxes or duties on goods.
Temporary citizenship if one wishes to work in another country and a full citizenship if one wishes to live permently in another country.
By P.O.

European Union

The EU wasn’t as big as it is today. When european countries started to cooperate economically in 1951 only Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg and Netherlands were part of it. Overtime more and more countries decided to partecipate and there are 27 now.
Europe currency is euro and it is official in 19 EU member countries. These ones are known as the Eurozone. A single currency has many advantages like the elimation of exchange costs.
Then there is the Schengen area which is one of the greatest achievments of the EU. It’s an area without borders where citizens, many non-EU nationals, business people and tourists can travel in a free way.
9th May is the day when Europe is celebrated. To celebrate it the EU institutions open their “doors” to the public to allow people to learn more about Europe.
By T. D.

My idea of Europe, my ideal Europe

European Union, or EU, is the full stop in the book of War, a happy ending of a horror story that our society lived in for centuries . It has put an end to all the never ending deaths of innocent people and has opened the door for peace. The motto of EU, “United in diversity”, is the idea that our world needed the most. Europe has taught us to accept our uniqueness and to respect diversities of others. To overcome our judgmental thoughts is the first step to eliminate war. I’m very happy that I live in a time where being different is not a crime but a value and I’m happy that I can be a part of Europe.
By R.T.

My Concept Of Europe

I’ve not many ideas about Europe, but sincerely I think that Europe is a great ideal with a terrible law.
The concept of Europe is an ideal that means peace and helps from every state in the E.U., but it also means lots of limitations for countries like Italy: it’s not strange that Europe is turning every day to populism and to conservative movements .
For me, the only way to achieve an ideal of Europe is the radical change of some laws like those about immigration, fishing and agricolture.
By S. M.

My Ideal Europe

I personally do not have an idea of an ‘ideal Europe’. I don’t think about it in a special or particular way: everybody dreams of a peaceful and better world. 
 Anyway, I think the European Union was a great idea; Europe has to be together in the future if it wants to be rich and prosperous. I also believe the UK is making a big mistake by leaving the EU, assuming it’s going to fail in the nearest future. I agree with the fact that the UK is potencially able to make it on it’s own, but I’d rather go for the motto that says ‘united in diversity’. We should accept our differences and help one another in difficult times. Even the UK one day, could have a financial fall and then someone would have to help. I just pray the results come out positive for everyone
By F. M.



The European Union

The Europan Union (EU) is a political and economic union and it is made by 28 countries. I think EU should be a united state and not be based on the autonomy of each country. The European Union should have a supreme government with capable delegates and politicians.
European countries are different from the cultural,religious and linguistic point of view and this is an important factor. The Europan Union is good but in my opinion it should be governed better with more serious politicians that do citizens’ interests . In conclusion I think the European population should feel more European and less citizens of a single country.
By V.Q.

The European Union
The European Union is a political and economic union composed of 27 states; 19 of these use the same coin too: the euro. The original members were 6: Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg and Netherlands, and in 1951 they created the “European community of steal and coal”( ECSC). The EU’s motto is “united in diversity” and it means that even if we are very different in languages and culture. Our flag is blue with a circle made of twelve golden stars because 12 is a perfect number.
By E.M.

My Ideal Europe

My Ideal Europe is a Europe where: European countries are more united and collaborative trying to solve the problem of immigration. I wish there were fewer disparities in the world of work and in the economy of various countries. Means of transport should be cheaper to encourage trips to get to know Europe. I would like schools in Europe to have the same study plans to allow students to attend school abroad. It would be nice to study in the various European countries. Attending school in different countries would help us to learn better the languages and culture of the various countries in Europe and many different languages. Finally I would like a unique justice in such a way that there aren’t countries in which a crime is punished and one where such it isn’t
By A.L.

My Idea of Europe

In my opinion the European Union is a wonderful organization that has allowed to keep the peace. This society also allowed to act as a cohesive economic and political organization.
It’s the only free “movement” that I know.
It’s also an opportunity for workers and students that want to travel around the Europe without problems. European citizens can visit all the european states, too.
So I think that the are a lot of advantages if you are an european citizens; thus, for this reason, I totally approve this Union.
In my opinion the founding fathers had a great idea and a project, maybe for the past even too ambitious… but at the end they reached their target.
So in conclusion I can say that we have to believe in our dreams for the common wealth.
By I.P.

The European Union

The European Union was born after the second war world and it is based on peace and love. It unites many countries (27) that share the same ideals. I think that European Union can offer a lot of opportunities, if you live in EU you can travel everywhere in the territory without any restrictions and if you look for a job in the UE , with a work permit, you can do it. Our motto is “united in diversity” as the states are different because of languages,culture,religion,politics, economy. However, our ideals are the same. We wanted the peace and we have got it; we wanted to fight for our freedom and nowadays we can go where we want and do what we want (simply respecting the rules). By S.P.

The European Union

Europe is really important in our world with the peace that has lasted since 1950,Europe is one of the biggest union of states in the world. Europe is good for small states like Italy,Spain,France etc.. My idea of Europe is a Europe where all the states have the same currency (euro) and the same prices . It is true though that we have to solve the problems of immigrants and the terrible threat of terrorism that is destroying our lives and peace. Then, Europe has to decide the politics of every state supporting Europe’s ideals (democracy, union and peace). Another characteristic that my ideal Europe has to have is that all the countries have to agree with Europe’s project, if they do not, they should leave the organization. To conclude, I say that I am happy with the system of Europe and we should work to keep it.
By T.Z.

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