11 mesi nei pressi di Budapest con lo SVE (attività di doposcuola per bambini). Partenza sicura a settembre.

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Un partner ungherese dell’Associazione Scambi Europei, che ha sede a Budapest sta cercando urgenemente un volontario italiano (ragazzo o ragazza, é indifferente) che voglia partire il 3 settembre prossimo per un progetto del Servizio Volontario Europeo giá approvato. Il progetto, della durata di 11 mesi, si terrá a Budaors, cittadina a pochi chilometri da Budapest.
Il candidato selezionato avrá la certezza di partire subito, quindi approfittatene! Il volontario italiano sará impegnato nelle attivitá del programma di doposcuola (molti dei bambini coinvolti sono Rom). Come sempre per lo SVE, il viaggio A/R é rimborsato al 90%, mentre vitto e alloggio sono pagati in toto, cosí come l’assicurazione ed un corso base della lingua locale. Previsto anche un pocket money mensile. In basso trovate tutti i dettagli del progetto. Se interessati, inviateci cv, motivation letter SPECIFICA (entrambi in inglese) ed una vostra foto in formato immagine) attraverso questo FORM entro l’11 agosto.
Nella lettera motivazionale siate specifici e dettagliati nello spiegare perché volete far domanda per il Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS in inglese) e, in particolare, per questo progetto. Inoltre, dovrete spiegare perché ritenete di essere i candidati ideali e quale sarebbe il vostro contributo al progetto (fatevi aiutare dalla descrizione del progetto che trovate in basso). Solo le candidature complete saranno prese in considerazione. Ricordate di indicare il codice del progetto (in questo caso: 2010-HU-13) e la dicitura “Sending Organisation: Scambieuropei” nell’oggetto o nel corpo dell’e-mail.
Per candidarsi è necessario essere tesserati con l’Associazione Scambieuropei. Se ancora non lo siete, scrivete a infosve@scambieuropei.com e vi vi verranno inviate tutte le informazioni del caso. EI Ref./Code: 2010-HU-13 Duration of the service: 11 months (from 3.09.2012 to 31.7.2013) Town: Budaors, Pest province (Hungary)

Budaörs is a small town situated in a beautiful environment, at the southern edge of the Buda Hills, its population is about 25000. The city’s commercial district is adjacent to the joint section of motorways M1 and M7, linking the capital with Vienna and the Lake Balaton, respectively, and, for this reason, Budaörs can be called the western gate of its immediate neighbour, Budapest. People can reach our town from the capital via public transport within 30-45 minutes. The town has several museums, churches, schools, a high school, restaurants, medical centre as well. The volunteers will live in an apartment together with other volunteers in Budapest and will be a part of our daily work in the TANODA, she/he will travel with public transportation to Budaörs. The local mentor and staff from the ÖDE office will be an important person that can help them through difficult times. The Foundation Budaörsi Tanoda opened in 1998. It offers an after-school programme for 100 students during the school year. The pupils are from 7-18 years old and they come to us if the have some learning difficulties in their regular school in Budaörs. We employ professional staff, teachers, social workers and have regular consultation with other professionals like psychologists and professional artists. Our mission is to help children to get a better school degree and through this they will have greater opportunities. We believe that though our we empower Roma and minorities in order to become active citizens of their societies and stimulate the majorities to actively participate in the social inclusion process. We act towards strengthening the commitment and responsibility sharing of both, majority populations and minorities in building up open societies. Our children stay at the Tanoda from Monday to Friday and participate in classes under the supervision of teachers, different activities, and cultural events, like learning folk dances and songs. The volunteer will assist in both tasks, during classes and during cultural activities.

We can offer a lot of different learning opportunities as a member of an experienced, dynamic and skilled staff environment, through cultural integration in after-school programme. We offer not only to be part of our programme and support children but learn about the situation of the Roma minorities in Hungary. We are actively involved social actions in this region. In actions in this area include awareness raising with Roma parents and local schools, and active participation in co-ordination mechanisms. The results have been good so far and hundreds of Roma children are successfully schooled and getting better notes though the help of our Tanoda. Also a more positive attitude of schools and teaching staff has been achieved.

Through the volunteers we hope to get valuable input and support in the work. Volunteers will support children in learning, home work, but also in Roma and Hungarian folk music, outdoor activities and a variety of cultural activities. The volunteers will bring new ideas and initiatives as regards the youth and child work in the town. Hopefully the presence of volunteers will also motivate youth from Budaörs in participating in EVS, thus expanding their horizons. Having international young people here will also increase the knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures among Roma and Hungarian as well. We wish that the volunteers to gain knowledge about the Roma and Hungarian culture, language and gain experience in youth and child work. The EVS volunteers could be involved in the following activities and tasks: – teaching English, and other languages. – teaching computer skills, photo, music, sports, play music with children in a Roma Folk band. – practical work, helping staff in the building. – other cultural activities for the foundation, organising and taking care of cultural events. – arranging activities for the students like games, music activities, social gatherings. – helping children in summer camps. In all areas of the activities intercultural dialog will be an important aspect and maybe the most important learning opportunity.

Monday 13:00 – 19:00 Assisting by home work, using games, drawings, songs etc. Tuesday 13:00 – 16:00 Supporting children by individual learning and lessons 17:00 – 19.00 Hungarian lesson for the volunteer at the ÖDE office Wednesday 13:00 – 19:00 Teaching maths and other subject, talking to the children, playing with them. Thursday 13:00 – 16:00 Assisting by home work, outdoor activities/music 17:00 – 19:00 Staff and volunteers meeting, cultural programmes. Friday 13:00 – 19:00 Music and movement activities. There will be time to time different cultural activities, music and dancing programmes for the weekends. The volunteer can participate and learn the Roma folksongs and dances as well.

We are looking for a person who is motivated to work with children and interested in the culture of Roma people. The volunteer should be sociable, companionable and easy to get along with, an all-round person with high social competence and interest, who likes to meet new and different persons. We need a young person who wants to learn Hungarian quickly, and last, but not least, the volunteer should be interested in music. It is advantage when she/he plays an music instrument so she could also learn the Roma folk music.


Meeting Point: We ask you to arrive in Budapest on the 3rd of September until 2 PM. The meeting place will be our office: 1146 Budapest, Hungaria krt. 200. Arrival and duration of the language course and seminar: 3 – 17 of September 2012. After your arrival in Budapest we will travel together to Monoszló where your Hungarian course and the first seminar will take place. Please make sure that you will be able to arrive until 2PM on the 3rd of September! The venue is: Monoszló Erdei Iskola (http://www.meiik.hu) There is internet access so you can contact your family and friends about your arrival and well-being. Volunteers serving in Budapest and Eastern-Hungary will travel back to Budapest together; volunteers serving in Western-Hungary will leave from Monoszló directly to their placements on the 17th of September, Monday. The 18th of September will be your first day at your placement. We will help you to bring you to your placement by car or by train. Somebody from your placement will pick you up but all detailed information will be provided to you during the seminar. HOUSING Some of the volunteers will be sharing flats in Budapest. Please note that we cannot offer single room for everybody and it might be that you have to share a room with another volunteer, this is mainly the case in Budapest but the flats we are offering are nice and very comfortable with great living room and kitchen. In all rooms there are beds with sheets, blankets but please bring towels with you. We also offer internet access either in the flats or at your placements. Some of you will be living in houses, rooms offered by the hosting placements, mainly in the country site. You will be also living with other volunteers in Budapest/or countryside. Soon you will receive more information about the housing situation.

The pocket money is 95 Euros regarding the EVS rules in Hungary. You will receive this sum in Hungarian Forint. We are going to open a Hungarian bank account for each of you after your arrival and the transfer will be made your account by the beginning of every the month. Next to the pocket money we will also provide food money, all together your stipend will be 50.000,- HUF/month. (ca 180,- Euro). Your placements will be also provide lunch during working days and will help you with monthly tickets for public transportation. WORKING HOURS As an EVS rule, the working hours for volunteers are max. 35 hours per week. Language training is included in the working hours for the first 8 months. You are entitled to 20 days of holidays of your voluntary service. Volunteers serving at the different placements usually from Monday till Friday.

We ask you to arrive in Budapest on the 3rd of September until 2 PM. The meeting place will be our office: 1146 Budapest, Hungaria krt. 200. From Budapest we will travel together to Monoszlo where the intensive language lesson and the first welcome seminar will take place. Please note that for the first 2-3 weeks you are not at your placements.

We offer education, guidance and consultation for children and young people in our different projects and facilities:
– pedagogical daily’s group for children with difficult familiar situations – guidance and consultation
– youth and children leisure place, free-time, education. – youth club, leisure, free-time, art and culture, music and dancing
– Guidance for young people
– Voluntary service opportunities.

We actually run an after-school programme called TANODA and organise other kinds of programs for children and youth, like sections on Roma culture, music and dancing, and other outdoor activities, during the summer camps. Our target group is mainly children and young people who faces obstacles because their family background and their ethnicity. Our aim is to enable them to obtain regular job, studying and/or get better notes in the school. We have regular contacts with their schools. The Tanoda is open every day from 13.00-19.00, after they finish their study at their regular school. The staff in our organisation consists of people with different backgrounds, both according to educational and professional experience. This refers to social work, pedagogic and handcraft/music. We work approximately with 100 children and 7-8 teachers, but time to time we have other professionals who are helping us with teaching the children Roma folk music and dancing.

Per maggiori informazioni su cosa sia uno SVE, consultare questa pagina


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